At Pillar & Peacock, we enjoy working in a variety of styles to create elegantly unique spaces. Partnering with our clients to integrate their thoughts, ideas, needs, and wants with our expertise to design something beautiful and true to them is why we are in this business. We are passionate about providing a well appointed space that reflects who you are and tells your story. We not only serve clients, we partner with them.
About Pillar & Peacock: Brandeis and Adrianne

Brandeis Short

Authentic | Passionate | Dedicated | Intuitive | Visual

Everyone has a story to tell. Contributing to that story through design makes my passion come alive. We strive to internalize our client’s vision and translate it into something tangibly beautiful, unique and true. It has to be right. It has to be authentic. It has to be you.

What A says about B: Once a ballerina, always a red-head...simultaneously graceful and fiery.

Adrianne Bugg

Visual | Artistic | Driven | Zealous | Inspired

I smile when I walk into a room in my house that is carefully designed and totally "me". We work to give our clients that same feeling through seamless design. Looking through the design lens together, we make a collective vision come to life. Then we’re all smiles.

What B says about A: Bold enough to wear a pixie, old-school enough to only wear linen after Easter.

Kaitlin Wallace

Kaitlin joined P&P in 2015 and has been an integral part of the team ever since. She is specifically trained with a bachelors degree in Interior Design and a minor in Space Planning from the University of North Alabama. She has experience in residential and commercial design and is our CAD expert. We couldn't do what we do without her.

What A&B say about K: Smart as a whip with enviable hair, always composed and smiling while working hard...whether it's on a window display or a master plan.

In the early days, Adrianne was all business, earning a finance degree at Tulane University in New Orleans. She cut her teeth at several firms including Smith Barney and Wachovia Securities while dabbling with art and design on the side. Her interest in design soon matched her business sense. Adrianne has all the necessary skills to run a successful firm and also that innate sense of design you just can't teach. She’s an unusual amalgam of creativity and practicality- and an extraordinary asset to each and every project.

Brandeis, always immersed in arts, studied art history and dance before heading to Richmond, Virginia to acquire a degree in interior design at Virginia Commonwealth University. She felt honored to work at 3North, an innovative and distinguished architecture and interior design firm for eight years. Brandeis’ preternatural sense of design, proportion, and beauty, as well as her extensive technical experience makes her an ideal project manager.

Together we have over 15 years of solid experience in design. We have worked on every kind of project: from boutique hospitality (The Bedford Springs Resort, The Grove Park Inn), to high-end residential design, to additions, renovations, and comprehensive design from the ground up. Our individual experiences make us the perfect complement to each other and to your design project. We truly are "the perfect balance of form and function."

Let's create something beautiful.
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